Interpretive Dance Pose
Mummy says I am so focussed on cattie mindfulness (what I call real life) that I have forgotten to keep my fanbase up to date. So am letting all you little monsters know that we have moved back into the 'hood of Kaikohe.

Although we both loved Rose Cottage, Mummy found the land too much to manage so we moved into town. After sorting out the territory on my first night (a bit of fisticuffs went on) I have had no problems. Some neighbourhood tomcats and I have a 'gentleman's agreement' to studiously ignore each other and that works well. I have my favourite scratching trees and plenty of toiletting sites. I love it when Mummy clears some garden. I have learned to tap twice on the screen door when I want to be let in which Mummy thinks is very clever. Hope you like the photo, it's one of Mummy's favourites.