DSC 0163My name is Whero and I am two years old. My name is the colour I am. Mummy (yes she’s called Mummy) adopted me from next door when I was one year old. Her first glimpse of me was when I was dancing around her garden in the early evening, catching moths. She was enchanted and has been ever since. ☺


After that she noticed me getting thinner and starting to live under her house. She knew the next door neighbours had had a new baby and were a bit distracted. So she started to feed me. After that I wanted to move in so that meant a rather unpleasant experience at the vets (I am a boy) and after that I was good to go.

She loves me soooo much. So does the vet clinic (they think I am a very polite cat). The cattery where I stay (Happy Cat Lodge in Kerikeri) absolutely adore me and over time I have got better with travelling over there when Mum has to go away.

My best friend is Seamus the Shameless who lives over the back fence. We hang out together a lot. His mother also pets me (and my Mum pets Seamus) which is ok.

Because my mum is a therapist, she gets worried about my behaviour sometimes. For example I don’t always like new furniture and it takes me a while to get used to it. Mum frets about this, but I give her one of my looks (the one that says – take a chill pill).

I love that mum has set up this website, especially as I get to have my say in my own section. So I will keep you updated from time to time….