Hi everyone, Mummy said it was very important that I tell you how we are getting on in Lockdown Life.  

I don't really see my life as being very different, except that Mummy is more availiable for cuddles, but she was quite insistent...so here goes. There is a lot less traffic outside my house, but Mummy is still saying I have to stay on My Side (as she puts it). She locks me in at night now so I don't get tempted to cross the road. There are a lot more birds, which is quite exciting, even if the Kereru are a bit big....sometimes I sit inside and watch them, Mummy says I am watching bird tv...

I am always focussed on my basic needs, which Mummy says is a Good Thing. So I snooze, or ask for cuddles, or demand that my toy be produced, or ask for food, all as I feel the need...

Of course I have a very important extra task in my life right now, and that is making sure Mummy is ALL RIGHT. I take this very seriously and am sticking around her more than usual. She is very appreciative and calls me a Good Boy, and posts lovely photos of me on facebook, so that's all right. A lot more people are calling me a Good Boy now. 

Oops forgot to say that we have moved to Thames. We now live by the sea, which Mummy loves so much. I dont get that far in my travels, but I like looking at the sea from our windows. Mummy walks by the sea every day, and she appreciates this very much.

Mummy says to tell you all that goodness and kindness will prevail though this hard time, keep safe and well, love Whero


Interpretive Dance Pose
Mummy says I am so focussed on cattie mindfulness (what I call real life) that I have forgotten to keep my fanbase up to date. So am letting all you little monsters know that we have moved back into the 'hood of Kaikohe.

Getting my regal onHello Fans, yes its been a while. I get soooo busy at Rose Cottage, there's always something to do - hunt, snooze, train Mummy.

Mummy says it is high time we posted an update. We have now moved to a cottage in the country. Mummy is loving the tranquility, and I am loving the hunting opportunities. Mummy was worried about this, but she has settled down, accepting the fact that cats are the embodiment of mindfulness. we live entirely in the moment.

whero-and-koroki-bushI love this koroki shrub in our front garden, its nice and sprongy and I love lying on it (and biting it). Just after this photo was taken Mummy took another one of me sunk in the bush, because I am too big now. I gave her one of my looks (I was so embarrassed).

DSC 0168Mummy says I am getting bigger and stronger. I attempted to impress her today by showing her how good I was at jumping. Instead of jumping into her lap, I jumped up onto the table. She was impressed but also horrified.

DSC 0163My name is Whero and I am two years old. My name is the colour I am. Mummy (yes she’s called Mummy) adopted me from next door when I was one year old. Her first glimpse of me was when I was dancing around her garden in the early evening, catching moths. She was enchanted and has been ever since. ☺