psychologist-therapy-northlandDeciding to see a therapist can be daunting.

  • Have you carried an emotional burden for a long time with no solution to the pain it causes you?
  • Would you like your life to be profoundly different?
  • Does Anxiety Depression or Grief limit your participation in favourite activities?
  • Is your behaviour alienating those you love?

 At See-Change, I will help you look at your problems in a new light and make transformational personal changes that work for you. Therapy is a process, and depending on what you bring, the number of times you need to see me may vary. I recommend attending therapy in “manageable portions”, working on a specific goal and then returning to therapy again when and if you need to.

How I work
I am trained in Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT). This approach maintains that there is a link between thoughts, feelings and actions. Intervention in one of these domains can affect change in all three. Therapy using CBT will usually target “self-talk” and encourage the client to see how emotions and behaviour are affected when self-talk begins to change.

My personal philosophy is that we have the potential and need for emotional growth throughout our lifespan, and that there are many different ways of doing this, including seeing a therapist.

I work with individual adult clients. Follow up email sessions are also available as appropriate. I supervise Psychologists and other health professionals, as well as middle managers in any occupational setting. I run bespoke groups on invitation and engage experienced colleagues to assist with group work.