Supervision is a must for all health professionals. While many health professionals will have supervision provided in their work setting, occasionally their clinical manager will also be their line manager, which can cause difficulties. With my management and multi-disciplinary team experience, I am well placed to offer supervision to Psychologists, counsellors, other health professionals and managers from any occupational setting. I have sourced external supervision in previous roles and found this to be very helpful.

I use a strength based supervision model that supports and encourages the individual to source their own solutions to issues that face them in their professional role.

I am happy to discuss supervision options with you, so call or email me to arrange an initial meeting.

"Margaretanne has provided my professional supervision for the past year and has supported and strengthened my work as a psychologist during positive times and those that have been challenging. I work in a highly challenging environment and have found that timely, solution focussed supervision has been crucial in my being able to maintain consistent and objective practice. I have enjoyed the friendly/professional/collegial relationship, that has been so helpful."
Psychologist - March 2013

Groups are offered in Northland and Auckland. Please contact me if you are part of a group that wishes to explore a particular issue (eg team bonding and/or repair, introduction to self-care). I will be delighted to assist with the whole process (design, venue and catering and programme delivery).