margaretanne-rodger-psychologistI was born in Canada, and emigrated to NZ with my family in 1962. After that I was mostly an Auckland girl, attending school and university there. Before becoming a Clinical Psychologist, I had a variety of jobs, including several years as a Probation Officer. I have travelled and lived overseas, mostly in big cities. Friends and family were alarmed when (on my return from four years of living in London in 2006)  I proposed living in a small town in rural Northland.  However, I absolutely loved it. I set up my private practice in Northland and after several happy years, I relocated my practice to Thames  in 2019.

I have had the privilege to have meaningful contact with Te Ao Maori over the years and today speak enough Maori to make myself understood on a marae.  I strive to be culturally responsive, and humble about what I don’t know. I ask questions of my clients to foster cross cultural understanding and heed advice given.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology. I trained at Auckland University and becoming a Clinical Psychologist took a total of seven years’ study. I graduated in 1995 and set up my private practice in 2008.

My clinical background experience includes work  in Neurorehabilitation (NZ and UK). I have worked in the public and private sector in both countries and have managed clinical teams in both NZ and the UK. I have also worked for the Corrections Dept and CYF in NZ. From 2006 - 2008 I managed two Special Education teams (Ministry of Education) in Northland prior to setting up my private practice.

Currently I hold contracts with ACC,  and the NZ Police (Trauma work). I undertake privately funded therapy in my areas of expertise, as requested.

Clinical Psychologists are trained as generalists, able to treat a wide variety of issues. My personal areas of expertise and interest include Post traumatic stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and neurorehabilitation (brain injury, spinal injury and other neurological conditions such as MS).

I attend supervision once a month, and undertake peer supervision with other local therapists from time to time.