• Stand with feet hip length apart (or lie straight, on your back)
  • Rest your hand on your stomach area so that your little finger is in line with your belly button
  • Let all the breath out of your body
  • Breath slowly  in through your nose – as you do so, make the hand on your stomach move FIRST (imagine there is a balloon behind your hand and you are filling it up)
  • It only needs to be a small movement of your hand
  • After your hand moves, fill your upper chest with air (all in one smooth slow movement)
  • As you breathe in, count to six, then hold your breath for two seconds, then count to six as you breathe out.


Anti-depressants have been around for a while. There are a few different kinds, and all of them affect brain function. The most modern set of these drugs are called SSRIs. This stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Although it’s not entirely clear how they work, (in spite of lots of research) they make a substance called serotonin more available in the brain. This substance (used to help transmit messages in the brain) is one of those substances that make us feel more settled and in control of our lives.

Anyone who has ever had a panic attack has my heartfelt sympathy. They are awful to experience and can cause a lot of worry and extra stress until their cause is sorted and a solution found. Panic attacks can include some or all of the symptoms listed* :